How to add Google Analytics in Opencart

Earlier, I had posted How to get order total value and order id in Opencart . In this post you will know how to add Google Analytics in Opencart.

To add Google Analytics in Opencart, you can choose extensions for that you might have to pay.

Since I am a web developer, so I would prefer FTP to add Google analytics on your opencart website.

Opencart Ecommerce

Steps to add Google Analytics code in Opencart:

  • Login to FTP
  • Open header.tpl ( in \catalog\view\theme\template-name\template\common\)
  • Get Google Analytics Code from Google  Analytics Account. Follow the instruction to get GA Code.
  • Add the  GA Code in header.tpl, before closing head.
Opencart Google Analytics Implementation
Opencart Google Analytics Implementation
  • Save and upload the file on the server.

Note :- Before editing files on server, don’t forget to keep a backup of files. And to check code is working or not use Tag Assistant (By Google) plugin of Google Chrome.

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